The Rotary Children's Foundation has been a Sub Committee of The Mobile Rotary Club for over 90 years.

Because of the age of the club and the wisdom of its past leadership, our club has a history of supporting several worthy organizations in this area. In the early 1930’s, our club helped establish a specific facility for the care of disabled children by raising $25,000. That facility is now known as the Bedsole-Rotary Rehabilitation Center and is housed as part of the larger Mobile Infirmary Hospital. The Rotary Children’s Foundation (“RCF”) was created early on as a separate charitable organization to own this facility. Because of conservative management and the bequests of numerous Rotarians and other generous families, the RCF currently has in excess of $1,000,000. Each year the RCF distributes almost $100,000 to local charitable organizations such as Goodwill-Easter Seal and others.



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